The name "Robert Burns" is universally associated with the 18th century poet from Ayrshire, who to this day is celebrated as one of the essential contributors to Scottish literature. The influence and popularity of Burns was recognized in many forms, including the publication of the Chapbook. These small, 8 page booklets were routinely sold on the streets in the 18th and 19th century, with numerous publishers looking to capitalize on the success of Burns' work. 

In a medium that demanded new material, chapbook publishers went to great lengths to alter or mimic material in the hopes of continuing sales. This site looks to bring attention and life to one such case.

The publishers Brash and Reid produced a number of chapbooks with material written by another Robert Burns, who happened to be from Hamilton. Capitalizing on the gravitas of the name, Burns looked to copy the Bard's style and voice on certain subject matters. 

This site provides access to Hamilton Burns' "Ode to Temperance, To which are added, Two Songs". Not only are the original documents scanned and available for viewing, but audio reproductions of the ode and songs are provided as well. 


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